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  • Increase of 62 direct jobs (industrial and services sector);

  • Increase the throughput capacity of the Great Northern Railway Line by c.2,100,000 tonnes per annum, thus increasing export potential for the region and positive flow-on benefits across the supply chain (e.g. Port of Townsville and the proposed Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor);

  • Reduce freight costs, allowing the region to be more competitive in international markets;

  • Reduce costs to the state government of Queensland in terms of maintaining the Flinders Highway; and 

  • Potential to generate significant state revenue, and increasing the existing supply chain’s efficiency, effectiveness and value.



  • Relocates high impact use out of the Cloncurry Town Centre / increasing community safety; and

  • Forecast regional economic impact to creates jobs and new business opportunities in a range of sectors, including mining, transport, agriculture and general industry.


Environmental Impact Improvements: 

  • Reduced Co2 emissions by creating the potential to displace at least c.1,000,000 tonnes per annum of products off the roads to a lower carbon footprint rail transportation solution; 

  • Transport method: sealed half height containers, thereby eliminating potential harmful emissions; and

  • Avoids any unnecessary impact to ecological areas.


Project Milestones:

All major approvals are in place, which in summary form includes the following:​​

  • 99 year Lease; 

  • Native Title approval - registered with the National Native Title Tribunal; 

  • Development Approval - Cloncurry Shire Council & the state government of Queensland; 

  • Environmental Authority to operate the Project under the Environmental Protection Act, 1994 (Qld); 

  • Engineering: Detailed engineering and capital expenditure modelling in place;

  • Construction timeline: c.12mth build out period with immediate community, economic/environmental benefits;

  • Robust multi-sector support across the entire Project’s value chain: Government (Local, State Federal), indigenous community and industry; and

  • Project Funding discussions are well advanced and are expected to conclude shortly.


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